Shout Festival Brochure


Being the first ever LGBT arts festival in Birmingham, Shout needed a marketing tool that would draw attention to its existence in the arts industry, and to the diverse programme it was offering the public.  As one of its creative solutions, we developed a 32-page brochure packed with risqué and striking imagery.  The information was set out in a clear and concise way, providing the reader with everything they need – an ideal first impression for a first-time event.  Of course, branding and points-of-contact remained consistent and prominent on every page, making it useful to the reader, raising awareness of other means by which information is accessible, and ultimately driving traffic to the box office and boosting sales.

Size: B5
Pages: 32
Colour: 4
Stock: 130 gsm silk art

Applications Used:
Quark Xpress, Photoshop

CoverPage 3Page 4